Why do it:

The importance of the portfolio has been growing in recent years. By creating a portfolio, you increase your opportunities for self-reflection, growth and the realization of your creative potential .

What to do:

Your endeavours deserve to be shared. Gather together diplomas, certificates, photos, awards, video or audio materials all in one single place. Sort and select the ones that present you in the best light and start creating a portfolio .

How to do it:

Register in the system, choose one of the completely free or paid types of portfolio templates and upload images, video files, audio examples, text documents or other digital media in the portfolio module of the training system - Contipso. You now have an authentic powerful proof of experience and skills. It will be visible on any type of device. It is that easy !

One of the things I like about this platform is that it provides a free opportunity for young artists to show their work to the world and thus find an opportunity for new projects..
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Access to various free portfolio models

professional design and simplified editing

Main benefits

  • Free ready-to-use templates
  • The ability to upgrade to design templates
  • High attendance of the module
  • Quick editing with embedded tools
  • The opportunity to apply your portfolio directly to your application
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  • Flexibility of presentation
  • Free hosting for your great portfolio

specific benefits

A portfolio for pedagogical specialists:

Based on the certification cards in the new one "ORDINANCE № 15 of July 22, 2019 on the status and professional development of teachers, principals and other pedagogical specialists" , we gathered in one place, everything necessary to create a portfolio of the teacher. For those who have already created portfolios on THE OLD AND ALREADY CANCELED  "ORDINANCE No. 12 of 01.09.2016 and wish to update them there is an option to automatically transfer most of the information in the new form. Currently there are ready templates for :

  1. director's portfolio / principal's portfolio
  2. portfolio of deputy director
  3. teacher portfolio
  4. portfolio of manager ICT
  5. portfolio of a speech therapist
  6. choreographer's portfolio
  7. tutor's portfolio
  8. portfolio of a sport's coach
  9. portfolio of hearing and speech rehabilitator
  10. educator's portfolio
  11. portfolio of psychologist and pedagogical advisor
there is already an opportunity (for a one-year subscription of 5 euros) to download your portfolio in pdf format and print it on paper.

Portfolio of a photographer:

You can create your own categories in which to post different types of images. From the selected photos you can create a gallery that will illuminate your talent like a spotlight. The ready portfolio will allow you to answer with "YES" to almost 100% of the question asked by potential customers. Can you provide us with your portfolio?”

Video recorder portfolio:

In addition to your own portfolio categories, you can create a timeline to describe your experience as a videographer. It is possible to provide a quick contact through a direct link to a profile on social networks. An unconditional advantage is the opportunity to present your work through a face to video portals or your own site .

Designer Portfolio:

You have the opportunity to indicate your education and experience. Flexibility, gives the opportunity depending on your specialization to generate categories such as "logo design", "web design", "brochures", "business cards", etc. You can easily choose the best from each category and present it in a gallery at the beginning of the portfolio. This way you will be able to be authentic and attractive to visitors.

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